The Commercial Line

New regulatory and insurance issues affecting drone owners

Suddenly, everyone has a drone — or at least it seems that way. An estimated one million unmanned aircraft will be sold for the holidays this year alone. And while many will be used for personal entertainment, drones are also being used for commercial purposes including mapmaking, emergency response, aerial photography, crop management and real estate appraisal and surveying.

Risk Transfer Requirements: Your Key to Profitability in Construction

According to First Research, the United States (U.S.) construction industry includes more than 650,000 contractors with combined annual revenue of about $1.4T. Demand for this industry is driven by demographics and the health of the economy. The profitability of individual companies depends on their ability to bid accurately, secure contracts and control costs.

What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You

Property owners often contract with property management firms to provide various services such as seeking tenants, collecting rents, maintaining premises, providing financial services and optionally, providing primary insurance.

The Changing View of Office Space

With advancements in technology and uncertainty surrounding the economy and workforce, there are significant changes to the way businesses are looking to occupy and utilize office space.

Data Compromise versus Cyber Liability

Is Data Compromise coverage the same as Cyber Liability? I receive this question often. The answer is: sometimes yes and sometimes no. In order to understand why, we will need to take a closer look and examine both the similarities and the differences.

Don’t Get Soaked! Water Damage is a Building Owner’s Major Exposure

Property owners incur billions of dollars in losses each year in water damage claims. Water damage can affect many physical, operational and financial aspects of your property. Beyond the obvious damage to the building’s structure and electrical/HVAC systems, a water-related incident can impact your tenants’ operations as well.

Keeping Your Lawn Care Business Out of the Weeds

With spring in full bloom, the sounds of the season can be heard with regular frequency; lawn mowers, lawn equipment and a gentleman with a Scottish brogue saying “Feed your lawn, feed it.” Many of us maintain our own lawns or hire a landscaper or lawn service to handle the weekly tasks. But, have you ever considered becoming a small business owner and forming your own lawn service?

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